Prevention Supports - Prevention Specialist Certification

What is Prevention Specialist Certification?

According to the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC), credentialed prevention staff ensure that programs and their funders are delivering on their mission of ensuring public safety and well-being. A thorough understanding of prevention and the latest evidence-based practices for treatment is the hallmark of a qualified professional. 

The purpose of the prevention certification
process is: 

  • To promote credibility of prevention professionals. 
  • To assure the public of a minimal level of competency in prevention services. 
  • To promote the delivery of competent, professional prevention services. 
  • To establish a recognized credential of professional competency, which allows
    for national reciprocity. 
  • To establish guidelines for new prevention specialists. 
  • To promote continued professional development for the prevention specialist.

The Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) credential requires professionals to demonstrate competency through experience, education, supervision, and the passing of a rigorous examination. 

Who is required to be certified?

The Bureau of Substance Abuse supports Prevention Specialist Certification and Recertification through contract requirements in the majority of prevention grants. 

What are the requirements to certified in Iowa?

The Iowa Board of Certification (IBC) oversees the certification process for the prevention field in Iowa. Details about the certification process and requirements can be found at IBC's Certified & Advanced Certified Prevention Specialist website.