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lead professional certification

The Lead Professional Certification Program requires training and certification of lead professionals, including lead inspectors, elevated blood lead inspectors, visual risk assessors, lead abatement contractors, lead abatement workers, and lead-safe renovators. It also requires certification of the firms that employ certified lead professionals.

Certified firms and lead professionals must provide services according to work practices outlined in state rules. Lead Professional Certification ensures that lead inspectors and/or risk assessors and visual risk assessors are properly trained and certified to identify lead hazards and to assure that lead hazards have been remediated. Certification also ensures that lead abatement contractors, lead abatement workers, and lead-safe renovators are properly trained and certified to conduct abatement that will properly eliminate lead hazards and to conduct renovation, remodeling, and painting in a safe manner.


The new Lead Safe Renovation Report template is now available. This template is a fillable PDF intended to be a resource for Lead Safe Renovators so they can more easily and quickly complete a report that meets all of the requirements. Download the report template here.

641 Chapter 70 IAC

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Online certification now available

The Lead Professional Certification Program transitioned to a 3-year certification cycle in July 2017. This transition includes a new online database that will allow lead professionals to apply and pay online. Access to this database is now available. Click here to access the IDPH Regulatory Page for Lead Professionals. There you will find instructions on how to access and use the database.

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Lead Poisoning: How to Protect Iowa Families

This is a comprehensive brochure on lead poisoning that can used by parents, tenants, homeowners, contractors, and for real estate transactions.   This brochure is federally approved for use in Iowa to comply with real estate disclosure requirements.   This brochure is required to be given out prior to most renovation projects in Iowa. 

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