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Healthy Habit All-Stars - Helmets

Iowa HHS has produced multiple resources to support the implementation of the Healthy Habit All-Stars program. Click the link below for the order form to request printed materials. The resources may also be downloaded for use. The printed materials are all free to entities within the State of Iowa. You may pick up your order, or it will be shipped to you when you provide a prepaid shipping label. The order form provides a list of all available resources, as well as instructions for obtaining your order.

Link to Materials Order Request Form (complete one form online for all requested materials)

General Resources

Course Outline and Lesson Plan

The course outline provides instructors reference material to provide the education. The outline includes descriptions of the animated characters, evaluation questions, introductions to the videos, and games to support the health messages. This course outline is available for download as a reference. Utilization of the course outline is recommended, but not required, for educators to present or use the materials associated with this program. 

HHAS educator course outline and lesson plan PDF

Helmet Fact Sheets

While there is no brain injury-proof helmet, wearing a helmet can help protect against a serious brain or head injury. Even with a helmet, it is important to avoid hits to the head.  For more information about helmet fittingIdentifying and managing concussions can be a complex process. For assistance in identifying concussions, reference the Concussion Symptom Checklist PDF . The CDC's Heads up program provides a variety of helmet fact sheets, including ones for bicycle and skateboard helmets. 

Bike Helmet Fact Sheet  PDF

Skateboard Helmet Fact Sheet  PDF

Ideas for Hosting Safety Events

Iowa Safe Routes to School is a local resource that can partner with your school to help develop a safe routes program in your school and community.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a free guide written for anybody interested in planning a bicycle safety skills event (aka, bike rodeo) for children. That guide can be downloaded from the NHTSA website.

Brain Injury Information

Need information and support following a concussion or other brain injury? The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa is the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services contract partner for neuro-resource facilitation, a free service that provides information and support after brain injury. Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa staff can be contacted by calling 855-444-6443 or by emailing


Brady's Noggin

In Brady's Noggin, the Healthy Habit All Stars help Brady understand why it's important to always where a helmet when you have wheels under your seat or feet.


General Messaging Posters

Three general messaging posters are available. The printed posters are 11 X 17 inches. The posters are available for viewing and download by clicking on the image. The printed posters are available through Iowa HHS by using the request form

poster image always buckle up before you roll out!poster image it's easy to explain helmets help protect your brainposter image have wheels under your feet or seat

Movie Posters

There are five variations of movie posters available. There is a poster specific to each character and one poster with all the Healthy Habits All-Stars. The printed posters are 24 X 36 inches. The posters are available for viewing and download by clicking on the image. The printed posters are available through Iowa HHS by using the request form.

Movie poster of Lucy, a Healthy Habits All-Star.Movie Poster of Miss Roberta 3000, a Healthy Habits All-Star.Movie poster of Glen, a Healthy Habits All-Star.


Movie poster of D.O.G., a Healthy Habit All-Star. Movie poster of the Healthy Habit All-Stars.

Temporary Tattoos

There are five different temporary tattoos available. Each tattoo features one of the All-Star characters or the Healthy Habit All-Stars logo. Each tattoo is 2 X 2 inches. The temporary tattoos may be viewed by clicking on each image. The tattoos are round and star shaped; they do not have a white square background when applied. The temporary tattoos are available from Iowa HHS by using the request form

Image of Lucy, a Healthy Habit All-Star. Image of Miss Roberta, a Healthy Habit All-Star.Image of Glen, a Healthy Habit All-Star.

Image of D.O.G., a Healthy Habit All-Star.Image of the Healthy Habits All-Star's logo.

Coloring Book and Activity Guide

Activity Guide

There are two activity guides available for download. Click on the image to download. 

Activity Guide 1Activity Guide 2

Coloring Book

A bound 10-page color book has been developed. The coloring book pages reference the storyline from Brady's Noggin. The coloring book is available for viewing and download by clicking on the image. Printed coloring books are available through Iowa HHS by using the request form.

Coloring Book Cover


Certificates of Accomplishment

There are two certificates of accomplishment that may be provided to students after completing the education. The certificates can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the image. The first certificate is a PDF fillable form that is customizable with the student's name and the date the course was given. The second certificate is a generic PDF certificate of accomplishment that can be printed and provided to students without customization. 

Healthy Habits All-Star Certificate

Generic Certificate