Medicaid Modernization Initiative Document Library

The below tables include the descriptions and links to documentation vendors can reference to understand additional details surrounding the Medicaid Modernization current-state and ongoing approach.

Current-State Documentation
File Name Description
Medicaid Guide A consolidated source of MMIS information
DED - Listing Variants A data dictionary of all data elements stored on the Agency's MMIS mainframe
DED - Valid Values The reference data decode values for all coded elements in the Agency's MMIS mainframe
DSD - Provider A design document describing the current functions of the Provider subsystem of the Agency's mainframe
Provider Master File Layout

The copybook format of the provider master file, which is the format used to store the provider data in the MMIS system


Approved Federal Funding Documents
File Name Description
MEME PAPD The purpose of the Planning Advance Planning Document (PAPD) is to obtain prior approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for enhanced Federal Financial Participation (FFP) for planning activities related to modernization of Iowa’s Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).


Misc. Documents
File Name Description
RFI Response Summary A summary of vendor responses to the Provider Outcomes RFI Response Summary questions.
Providers Outcomes RFI The request for information seeking input and feedback on MEME’s proposed provider outcomes approach.
The Game of MES Outcomes (PDF)

A PDF version of The Game of MES Outcomes presented in the MESC poser session.