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Iowa Department of Public Health has discovered the existence of substantial community spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus. The Bureau of Professional Licensure recognizes several continuing education classes in Iowa have been cancelled. Several classes are now offered online. The Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences is able to provide links to online programs you may want to consider if you are in a renewal period. The Board does not endorse any specific program.  In no way should the list be interpreted as the Board's sponsorship or approval of these courses. The list is not exhaustive. When evaluating if a course meets Iowa standards, be sure to review Chapter 64 then call your local cosmetology school, community college, or barber school for guidance.

To meet continuing education requirements be sure to save your record of registration and the notice of cancellation of the event for your records. You may need to file awaiver with the Board if you are not able to access an online class. 

If you offer cosmetology continuing education classes online and want to be on this list? Please

Licensee Responsibility

Licensees are responsible for meeting all continuing education requirements and should review the Rules carefully and frequently. Scroll through the Rules for detailed information about Continuing Education Definitions, Requirements, Standards, Criteria, and other important content specific to this profession.

Important Information About Continuing Education

Individuals who hold multiple Cosmetology-related licenses should read the following document.

Important Guidelines

Continuing Education Opportunities

The Iowa Board of Cosmetology cannot endorse a specific course and does not approve continuing education.  Iowa'sassociations andlicensed schools of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and Barbering are a good starting point when searching for continuing education hours. The Board rules currently allow unlimited online continuing education hours. Please be sure your continuing education provider will issue you a certificate that meets the requirements as outlined inIAC 645 Chapter 64.

Iowa's Licensed Cosmetology School

Iowa's Licensed Barbering Schools