Iowa Board of Social Work - Extension or Exemption for Disability or Illness

Rules Governing Extension or Exemption for Disability or Illness

645-4.14(272C) -- Continuing education exemption for disability or illness.

A licensee who has had a physical or mental disability or illness during the license period may apply for an exemption. An exemption provides for an extension of time or exemption from some or all of the continuing education requirements. An applicant shall submit a completed application form approved by the board for an exemption. The application form is available upon request from the board office. The application requires the signature of a licensed health care professional who can attest to the existence of a disability or illness during the license period. If the application is from a licensee who is the primary caregiver for a relative who is ill or disabled and needs care from that primary caregiver, the physician shall verify the licensee's status as the primary caregiver. A licensee who applies for an exemption shall be notified of the decision regarding the application. A licensee who obtains approval shall retain a copy of the exemption to be presented to the board upon request.

4.14(1) -- The board may grant an extension of time to fulfill the continuing education requirement.

4.14(2) -- The board may grant an exemption from the continuing education requirement for any period of time not to exceed two calendar years. If the physical or mental disability or illness for which an extension or exemption was granted continues beyond the period initially approved by the board, the licensee must reapply for a continuance of the extension or exemption.

4.14(3) -- The board may, as a condition of any extension or exemption granted, require the licensee to make up a portion of the continuing education requirement in the manner determined by the board.

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