Pregnancy Options

On this webpage, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) has provided a collection of resources to assist pregnant women and families in compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 146A.  Here you will find information about pregnancy (planned and unplanned) and options such as adoption, parenting and abortion. You will also find information and links to resources that may be able to provide additional support.

Your health care provider is an excellent source of information. Your provider knows your medical history and medical condition and is the best resource when making personal health care decisions. This page provides general, medically accurate information about pregnancy options.

Options Related to a Pregnancy

There are three options for women who become pregnant:

  • Continuing the pregnancy to term and retaining parental rights
  • Continuing the pregnancy to term and placing the child for adoption
  • Terminating the pregnancy (review Iowa Code chapter 146, 146A, 146B, 146C, and 146D for Iowa’s abortion laws). 
    • Iowa Code section 146B.2, prohibits abortions after 20 weeks (22 weeks after last menstrual period) unless the pregnant woman has a condition which the physician deems a medical emergency.  Please note that Iowa law includes other restrictions on abortion that are currently not in effect because of ongoing litigation. This is an evolving area of law and healthcare practitioners with specific questions about the status and applicability of these statutes are encouraged to contact legal counsel for guidance.

See IDPH’s Pregnancy Resources page for information and resources for pregnant women.

For Providers

The following resources are available to providers in compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 146A: