Iowa EMS Advisory Council

EMSAC Membership List PDF (April 2022)

Quality Assurance Standards and Protocols Subcommittee

The Quality Assurance Standards and Protocols subcommittee advises Iowa HHS on matters related to EMS protocols to assure safe and effective intervention during the out-of-hospital phase of patient care.

Subcommittee membership list 

EMS System Standards

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Iowa Code

Visit the Iowa Legislature website to search for the documents related to the listed codes.

613.17 :  Emergency Assistance in an Accident
147A : Emergency Medical Care -- Trauma Care
147D.1 : EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact

Iowa Department of Public Health Administrative Rules

641-130 : Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council
641-131 : Emergency Medical Services Providers
641-132 : Service Program Authorization
641-133 : White Flashing Light Authorization
641-139 : Training Programs
641-140 : EMS System Development Grants
641-142 : Out of Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders
Physician's Out-of-Hospital DNR Form
641-144 : EMS Air Medical Service Program Authorization
657-10 : Controlled Substances
657-11 : Drugs in EMS Programs