The Division of Public Health Strategic PlanĀ defines ourĀ vision for the future. It reflects what the department plans to achieve as an organization, how we will achieve it, and how we will know if we haveĀ achieved it. The strategic plan provides a guide for making decisions and allocating resources to pursue strategies and priorities. It also reflects ourĀ commitment to the continued strengthening of our ties withĀ local public health and other critical public and private partners.

TheĀ Public Health Strategic PlanĀ reflects movement toward an integrated flow of programs and services, all of which build upon ourĀ vision of Healthy Iowans in Healthy CommunitiesĀ and keepĀ us moving forward on the path to becoming the healthiest state in the nation. And, in fulfilling our vision for Public Health as Iowaā€™s Leader for Population Health, we reaffirm our mission of Protecting and Improving the Health of Iowans.

The Strategic Plan is the foundation upon which future reflection and adjustments can be built.Ā It is important to regularly review and revise theĀ plan to ensure that we areĀ on track to meet goals andĀ targets. The current plan and reports onĀ progress are provided below.

Iowa HHS Division of Public Health Strategic Plan

2017-2022Ā Plan: Click to view the current version of the strategic plan (January 2022).

Current Strategic Plan StatusĀ Report: Updated bi-annually, click to view our current progress on goals, strategies, actions, and indicators of progress.

Past Status Reports:

All other past status reports can be found on the Iowa Publications website.