Concussion Related Information and Documents - Student/Family Team


The Student/Family Team is the individuals who will watch, monitor, and track the emotional and sleep/energy symptoms of the concussion.  The following content may be especially relevant to members of the Student/Family Team; however, you may wish to review content available on the other team pages as well.

References for Concussion Management

2018 Iowa Concussion LawPDF

Iowa's Return to Play Protocol (chapter 54)

Brain Injury Association of America's Return to Learn Protocol

Educational Videos

Healthy Habit All Stars concussion video for children aged 5 to 10(support materials availablehere)

Helping Students with Brain Injuries online video series (module 4: Concussion)

Handouts and Forms

Concussion Symptom ChecklistPDF

Lista de Verification de Signos y Sintomas de una Conmocion Cerebral(Concussion Symptom Checklist in Spanish)

IAHSAA/IGHSAU annual concussion fact sheet to be signed annually by families and their student athletes (adapted from CDC's Concussion Information SheetPDF)

CDC's HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Parent  Fact SheetPDF

CDC's Concussion Youth Sports CardPDF


"Rocket Blades" Concussion Safety Gaming Appmobile game app on concussion safety for children aged 6 to 8.

Concussion and Helmet Safety AppLearn to spot a possible concussion and what to do if you think your child or teen has a concussion or other serious brain injury

Other Information & Resources

HeadStrong Concussion Insurance program (free coverage for IHSAA covered student athletes)

HeadStrong Concussion Insurance program (free coverage for IGHSAU covered student athletes)

CDC Helmet Safety fact sheets  (information about helmet fit and care of the helmet specific to your youth's activity/sport)

Need information and support following a concussion?

The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa is the Department of Public Health's contract partner for NeuroResource Facilitation.  You can talk to one of their staff by calling 855-444-6443 or by emailing