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The Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology

What is the Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology?

CADE is a bureau within the Division of Acute Disease Prevention, Emergency Response, & Environmental Health and works to protect and preserve the health and safety of Iowans from infectious diseases through disease surveillance; investigation of acute outbreaks; education and consultation to county, local, and private health agencies on infectious diseases; immunization and vaccine guidelines; treatment after animal bites; and vaccines for international travel.

The center also provides consultation to county and local health agencies on diseases requiring public health intervention, collaborates with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by weekly reporting of nationally reportable diseases, and offers health education opportunities through lectures and organizational seminars.

Disease Reporting

Diseases can be reported through the following:

  • Iowa Disease Surveillance System (IDSS)
  • Secure Fax:  (515)281-5698
  • Phone: 1-800-362-2736
  • Mail:
Lucas State Office Building
321 E. 12th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075

Disease Information

CADE routinely monitors more than 45 diseases as well as unusual occurrences of disease (outbreaks).

Click here to find information on specific diseases.

Order Printed Materials

Complete this form and submit to CADE.  Your order should arrive within two weeks.

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Center for Acute Disease Data and Reports

Historical Case Counts 1930-2017

Previously the quarterly report

Annual Reports of Iowa Notifiable and Other Diseases

Influenza Reports

Link to influenza reports

Mosquito and Tickborne Disease Reports

Link to moquito and tickborne diseases report

Rabies Surveillance Data

Link to moquito and tickborne diseases report

Zika Virus Update

Link to Zika virus report

Data and Reports for the Bureau of HIV, STI, and Hepatitis

Surveillance Data for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis (Bureau of HIV, STI, and Hepatitis)

Link to Zika virus report

HIV/AIDS Statistics and Reports (Bureau of HIV, STI, and Hepatitis)

Link to Zika virus report

Hepatitis C Data (Bureau of HIV, STI, and Hepatitis)

Link to Zika virus report

Additional Resources