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Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) - For Families/Teens/Stakeholders

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The Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) program is a grant program operating throughout the state that funds local community-based projects with the intention of preventing adolescent pregnancies.  Projects must include a variety of components, including:

  • Community coalition building to address the systemic factors that contribute to adolescent pregnancy (i.e., schools, churches, human-service providers and businesses)
  • Comprehensive programming that focuses on the prevention of initial pregnancies during the adolescent years, including:
    • Workshops and informational programs for adolescents and parents of adolescents;
    • Programs for adolescents that promote healthy relationships and improve attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge around sexual health; and
    • Programs that utilize peer counseling or peer education techniques to prevent adolescent pregnancy.
  • Services to pregnant and parenting adolescents, including:
    • Programs intended to prevent subsequent pregnancies for parenting adolescents;
    • Programs that provide support and education to young parents; and
    • Programs specifically for young fathers.

Who Qualifies

Adolescent pregnancy can occur with teens from a variety of backgrounds. Therefore, there are no specific eligibility criteria for individual participants; however, the program is especially designed to target geographic areas of the state with the highest adolescent pregnancy rates and to consider other at-risk populations.
In addition, most programming is done in partnership with public and private schools throughout the state, as well as other community-based providers (i.e., afterschool programs and other youth-serving organizations). Please see the most current CAPP grantee service coverage map for information about which Iowa counties currently provide CAPP services, in addition to the current adolescent birth rates by county.

How to Apply

Services are community-based and, as a result, they vary in different parts of the state.  There is no application process to receive services.  For information about adolescent pregnancy prevention programs specific to your community please see the resources section.


Additional information on the broader state level program, as well as the funded projects, is available through the CAPP Administrator, Prevent Child Abuse Iowa.
Prevent Child Abuse Iowa
Toll Free: (800) 237-1815
Additional information on Iowa Family Support Programs (that serve young parents through a variety of home visitation and educational programs) can be located here:
Additional information and sexual health resources for parents/caregivers of adolescents can be located here:
Additional information and sexual health resources for teens can be located here:


Question: Does the CAPP program provide direct services (i.e., birth control, health services, STI testing)?

Answer: No, CAPP is an educational and support service for adolescents and their parents and other caregivers. Information on reproductive health services and clinics in Iowa can be located here:

Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to ask for an appeal if you disagree with a decision the Department of Humans Services makes. For information on how to file, visit Appeals.
You have the right to ask for an exception to policy for an item or service not otherwise covered by the Department of Human Services. For information on how to file, visit Exception to Policy