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Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program (ICAPP) - For Families

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The Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program (ICAPP) is a grant program operating throughout the state that funds local community education and family support programs intended to prevent child maltreatment before it occurs.  Examples of services currently funded include: 
  • Community Development
  • Home Visitation 
  • Parent Support/Education 
  • Sexual Abuse Prevention Programming (Child and Adult Instruction)

Who Qualifies

Child abuse occurs in all types of families.  Therefore, there are no specific eligibility criteria for participants; however, programs are especially designed to target families with one or more risk factors for child maltreatment.
Child risk factors include young children (0-5 years) and those with developmental delays and/or disabilities.  These children are most vulnerable because they lack natural protective capacities (i.e., speech, mobility, independence, etc.) typically gained later in development.  
Specific family risk factors for maltreatment include things like:
  • Caretaker substance abuse, 
  • Domestic violence, 
  • Caretaker mental/physical illness or disability, 
  • Caretaker with a history as a victim of abuse/neglect as a child, and 
  • Other environmental stressors, for example:
    • Family/community poverty;
    • Family structure (single-parent, young parent, parent incarcerated, etc.); and
    • Other factors that may limit formal/informal supports available (e.g., community violence, cultural/language barriers, displaced or refugee families, etc.)  

How to Apply

Services are community-based and, as a result, they vary in different parts of the state. For information about family support programming specific to your community (which may be funded in part through ICAPP) please go to: 


Additional information on the broader state level program is available through the ICAPP Administrator, Prevent Child Abuse Iowa. 
Prevent Child Abuse Iowa
Toll Free: (800) 237-1815


Question: I believe child abuse has already occurred and I need to report. Can you help me? 
Answer: ICAPP is not a program designed to respond to allegations of child maltreatment. If you need to report maltreatment, please call the Iowa Abuse Hotline at 1-800-362-2178, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Q: I’m concerned about a family member or friend. They haven’t abused their children, but I fear without intervention they may. Can you get involved? 
A: ICAPP is a community-based voluntary program. Families are willing partners in service participation. If you are looking for ways to connect to or support a struggling member of your family or community, consider exploring the following resources: 

Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to ask for an appeal if you disagree with a decision the Department of Humans Services makes. For information on how to file, visit Appeals.

You have the right to ask for an exception to policy for an item or service not otherwise covered by the Department of Human Services. For information on how to file, visit Exception to Policy.