Safe and Together - response to domestic violence

The Safe & Together™ Model is an internationally recognized suite of tools and interventions designed to help child welfare professionals become domestic violence-informed. This child-centered model derives its name from the concept that children are best served when we can work toward keeping them safe and together with the non-offending parent (the adult domestic violence survivor). The Model provides a framework for partnering with domestic violence survivors and intervening with domestic violence perpetrators in order to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children.  
The Iowa Department of Human Services (IDHS) began implementing the Safe & Together Model statewide in 2015 through a set of trainings offered to all IDHS staff, providers, and partners. As a part of this implementation, Connect And Protect (CAP) teams were formed in order to aid staff and providers in applying the Model to their own practice. CAP teams are made up of IDHS supervisors and line staff, Family Safety Risk and Permanency (FSRP) supervisors and line staff, domestic violence advocates, Community Care providers, and Parent Partners. Each team serves one of IDHS's 5 service areas and has 10-15 members who are specifically trained in the Safe & Together Model and provide coaching to other staff and partners via case consultation and information sharing. IDHS continues a commitment to doing domestic violence-informed child welfare work by infusing the Safe & Together Model into their new worker training curriculum and continuing to support and nurture the work of the Connect And Protect teams.  
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