Child Care Out of State Requests for Information

Out of State Requests for State Agencies Seeking Child Abuse Information in Iowa

State Agencies or those contracted with the State Agency to provide this service requesting registry checks of child care providers use form 460-0643 “Request for Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Information”

Processing time is between 5-10 business days, on average.  The following link will provide the current processing date for the abuse registry:

Form can be sent the following ways:

The requestor will receive response from DHS informing if there IS or IS NOT a record of child abuse listing the person as responsible for a founded, registry placed child abuse assessment. Upon further request, the central abuse registry can provide more specific report data.

Information regarding re-dissemination, criminal penalties, and appeals are included on the requesting form.

Key points to ensure the forms come in without issues which prevent us returning unprocessed: 

  • Forms should clearly identify the requesting State Agency, and the name of the agency representative in the top requestor fields
  • The forms should state "child care provider check" in the "Purpose for Request" field 
  • Iowa DHS is unable to process a request for Dependent Adult Abuse Information without also receiving form 470-3301 “Authorization for Release of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Information” filled out by the potential child care provider/employee. Any record check request for dependent adult abuse, absent this authorization, will be denied.
  • If registry checks will be requested directly by the potential child care provider or child care center directors, form 470-3301 “Authorization for Release of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Information must be used in lieu of 460-0643.
  • Any forms lacking required signatures will be returned, unprocessed.

Out of State Requests for Criminal History Record Checks in Iowa

Iowa is a participant in the Interstate Identification Index (III) and National Fingerprint File (NFF). Child Care agencies from outside of Iowa may request criminal history record checks by doing the following: