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Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Community Care Overview

Community Care is a voluntary service that provides child and family focused services and supports to families referred from the Department of Human Services (Department).  These services and supports are geared to keeping the children in the family safe from abuse and neglect, keeping the family intact, preventing the need for further and future intervention by the Department (including removal of the child from the home), and to build ongoing linkages to community-based resources that improve the safety, health, stability, and well-being of those served. 

The goals of Community Care are to reduce concerns for families that create stress and negatively impact relationships between family members, assist families with improving relationships within the family and build connections in their community, provide contacts and services that meet the family’s needs, meet the cultural needs of families through better matching of community service providers, and develop support systems for families to increase the resources available in order to reduce stressors the family may be experiencing.