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Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Office of Disability, Injury and Violence Prevention

The Office of Disability, Injury & Violence Prevention coordinates unintentional injury programs within Iowa HHS and houses programs that aim to prevent or reduce interpersonal violence in Iowa. Program staff collaborates with other programs, state agencies and community organizations to address injury and violence using public health strategies. Healthy Iowans 2010, Chapters 22 and 23, have guided activities to prevent unintentional injuries and violent/abusive behavior in Iowa.

The Office also provides epidemiological support for disability, injury and violence data. The Office is supported by grants from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the Iowa Department of Justice, and the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.

Iowa Releases its First Statewide Strategic Plan for Injury and Violence Prevention

In 2021, more than 30 public and private organizations in Iowa came together to form the Iowa Injury and Violence Prevention Advisory Committee. As a result, the members collaborated to share research, best evidence and strategies to reduce injuries and violence in Iowa. This plan will serve as the roadmap for the committee's ongoing collaboration to strengthen the state's capacity to implement effective interventions to build a safer Iowa for all.

Iowa's Injury and Violence State Strategic PlanPDF icon

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