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The Bureau of Family Health's Hawki Outreach program provides outreach to families in all 99 Iowa counties. Hawki Outreach Coordinators provide outreach to schools, faith-based organizations, special populations, and employees without access to employer-sponsored health insurance.

Information for Families

For information about the Hawki program, visit or call 1-800-257-8563.

Resources for Hawki Outreach Coordinators

Presumptive Eligibility for Children (Hawki Outreach)

In order for an agency or subcontractor to become a Qualified Entity (QE):

Once approved:

  1. Agency staff and subcontractors should review the Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Policy and MPEP Training (PDF) and
  2. Request access to MPEP by completing the Qualified Entity Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Portal (MPEP) Access Request For m (PDF)

Hawki Refugee/Afghan and Other Misc.



Hawki Resources

Release of Information

Hawki Outreach - Examples of Promotional and Social Media


Outreach Materials

Click on the links below for electronic versions of Hawki Outreach materials.

Hawki Fact Sheets


Parent Brochure - English  |Parent Brochure - Spanish (PDF)  |  Parent Brochure - French (PDF)

Links and Other Resources

Release of Information (PDF)