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Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Health Care Options

Medicaid - Provides health care coverage for financially-needy parents with children, children, people with disabilities, elderly people, and pregnant women. Please visit the Medicaid Members pages for more information.

IA Health Link - Most Iowa Medicaid members are enrolled in the IA Health Link managed care program. This program gives you health coverage through Managed Care Organizations. Please visit the IA Health Link page for more information.

Hawki – Provides health care coverage for uninsured children of working families. No family pays more than $40 a month. Some families even pay nothing at all. Please visit the Hawki page for more information.

Iowa Health and Wellness Plan - Assure universal access to health insurance for all Iowa citizens while promoting private market coverage. Please visit the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan page for more information.

Health Insurance Marketplace - A new way to get coverage that meets your needs. Visit the Marketplace to fill out an application and see your plan choices.

Long Term Care - Long term care services are available for Medicaid members to help them maintain a good quality of life in settings such as their home or, if needed, in a facility. Please visit the long term care page for more information.

Medicare - A federally funded system of health and hospital insurance for persons aged 65 and older and for disabled persons. Medicare is administered by the United States federal government. Please visit for more information.