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HHS Alignment

Background on the Iowa Health and Human Services Alignment

There are extensive connections between Iowa’s public health and human services efforts to help all Iowans live safe, stable, and healthy lives. With this in mind, the Iowa Departments of Public Health (IDPH) and Human Services (DHS) began a joint investigation in October of 2020 to identify strategies to best align and integrate programs, practices, and policies of the two departments. This work included extensive outreach to department staff and community stakeholders to understand how HHS can improve delivery of services and most effectively leverage state and federal funding.

On June 14, 2022, House File 2578 was signed by Iowa Governor Reynolds, creating a Department of Health and Human Services and providing a one-year transition period for IDPH and DHS to merge current functions into the new department. The legislation requires the transition departments submit an initial written plan by September 30, 2022 detailing how functions will be merged.

To learn more about the alignment process visit the HHS alignment site here.

Iowa Health and Human Services Alignment Transition Plan

HHS Organization Chart

Please note: In the coming weeks, HHS will be transitioning the information here: to this website. More information to come.