HIV/AIDS Program - Data and Statistics

The HIV/AIDS Program monitors the number of persons with HIV and AIDS, the number of deaths of persons with HIV infection, and the number of births to HIV-infected women (i.e., perinatal exposures to HIV). Surveillance is conducted through case reporting from health-care providers, hospital and clinical laboratories, and surveillance programs in other states as well as through birth and death certificate review.

AIDS became reportable in Iowa in February of 1983. HIV infection, including perinatal exposures to HIV, became reportable by name on July 1, 1998. Iowa codes 139A and 141A govern HIV/AIDS reporting in Iowa.

An epidemiological profile is released every three years detailing recent developments in Iowa’s epidemic (Epidemiological Profile of HIV/AIDS in Iowa). The profile is produced in conjunction with the state’s HIV and Hepatitis Community Planning Group.

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Alagie Jatta, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Coordinator  515-322-8819
Samoane Don, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Epidemiologist  515-721-8486