HIV/AIDS Program - Prevention

The HIV Prevention Program receives funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) to provide HIV prevention services aimed at reducing new infections, increasing the identification of undiagnosed infections, and improving linkage to, and re-engagement in, HIV care services. The Prevention Program funds local health departments, community-based organizations, and other partners to implement strategies aimed at achieving these goals through rapid and conventional HIV testing initiatives, statewide condom distribution, and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) education and navigation services. The prevention program also supports broad community-based advertising initiatives, community planning activities, and offers training opportunities and technical assistance .

Program Data


Prevention Needs Assessment Report

In 2019, the IDPH administered the first Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA) survey that focused on behaviors that may expose individuals to HIV, HCV, and other STDs. The survey collected information from people who are not living with HIV or who are unaware of their HIV statuses about their needs and barriers to services and care. The 2019 PNA data will be utilized as a baseline to assess awareness, access, and attitudes around HIV prevention tools. In particular, the IDPH set out to learn:

  • How aware are Iowans of HIV and STD prevention tools?
  • What HIV and STD prevention tools are being used and what impacts those choices?
  • What are the HIV and STD prevention services people access and at what frequency?
  • What are the barriers to accessing those services?
  • How do awareness, access, and prevention behaviors vary by sub-populations of people across Iowa?

The Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA) results are displayed as fact sheets that make up the full report. The fact sheets may be used and distributed individually, or together in the report.

Contact Information

Biz McChesney, HIV and Hepatitis Prevention Program Manager: 515-601-0140
Cody Shafer-Fritz, Lead Prevention Services Coordinator: 515-314-6314
G. Heath Johnson, Prevention Services Coordinator: 515-443-5806
Joel Binyingo, HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention Program Evaluator: 515-314-7714
Liz Sweet, Systems Integration Coordinator: 515-217-1897
Seth Owens, Prevention Navigation Coordinator: 319-930-9093