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Medicaid Enterprise Modernization Effort (MEME) Summary

Iowa Medicaid has recently launched a systems modernization initiative, beginning with solutions targeted at achieving the top business priority: improving the experience for providers and Medicaid staff in provider enrollment, screening, credentialing and maintenance of provider information. This effort is called the Medicaid Enterprise Modernization Effort (MEME).

Strategic Plan

Please review the following videos for an introduction to MEME and the planned implementation strategy:

Month Released Video Title
December 2022

Provider Outcomes Next Steps

June 2022

Full Introduction Video

  1. Introduction and Business Drivers
  2. Current-State Technical Background
  3. CMS Certification Approach
  4. Implementation Strategy
  5. Business Outcome Focus and Next Steps

Vision and Target Outcomes

MEME is focused on achieving Iowa Medicaid's vision through enterprise modernization, starting with provider-focused outcomes. The below outcomes are prioritized for a first initiative for the Medicaid Modernization effort:


Success Criteria

Provider Enrollment

Reduce the effort required from providers and staff to process provider enrollment Medicaid applications.

Improve the experience for providers enrolling with Iowa Medicaid.

Decrease the amount of elapsed time between provider enrollment application submission and a provider's ability to bill for providing services to Medicaid members.

Provider Re-enrollment

Reduce the effort required from providers and staff the maintain Medicaid providers in active status.

Improve the experience for providers maintaining their enrollment status with Iowa Medicaid.

Provider Information Maintenance

Reduce the effort required from providers and staff to maintain current provider information.

Improve the quality of provider data maintained by Iowa Medicaid.

Improve the experience for providers and staff to manage provider information.

Baseline Measures

*Note: The Provider Enrollment Processing dashboard is live and is best viewed in fullscreen mode. 



If you have questions or concerns about the MEME project, email us here.