Medicaid Resource Library

The IME is the division of the Iowa Department of Human Services that administers the Medicaid program. The IME Contracts Resource Library contains information about current and expired requests for proposal (RFPs) and conracts.

IME Contracts

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs)


Current Requests for Proposal

RFP MED-22-005 ELIAS Maintenance and Operations Procurement
RFP MED 16-009:Managed Care Organization Contract Information and Capitated Rates
RFP MED 14-011: Dental Plans Contract Information
RFP MED-16-012 External Quality Review Services (EQRS)
RFP MED 12-001 IME System Services
RFP MED 04-015 Systems and Professional Services for the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise
RFP MED-10-001 IME Professional Services
RFP MED-12-003 IME Electronic Health Records Incentive Program Administration Tool
RFP MED 09-016 Claims Editing and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI)


Expired Requests for Proposal

RFP MED 14-004 Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS)
RFP MED-04-084 Pharmacy POS
RFP MED-09-017 HIPAA & ICD-10 Technical Assistance & Support
RFP MED-10-011 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Brokerage
RFP MED-10-013 IME Program Integrity Services
RFP MED-12-014 Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Iowas MMIS Implementation Project
RFP MED-12-018 Project Director for the MMIS Implementation Project
RFP MED-12-017 Independent Verification and Validation Services for Iowas MMIS Implementation Project
RFP MED-12-029 Project Oversight, Management, and Integration Services for Iowas MMIS Implementation Project
RFP MED-09-010 Iowa Plan for Behavioral Health
RFP MED 07-028 Actuarial Services Request for Proposal
RFP MED 09-006 Technical Assistance and Support for Iowa Medicaid Enterprise Services Procurement
RFP MED 04-034 Medical Services with Preferred Drug List
RFP MED 04-037 Implementation and Support Services
RFP MED 04-085 Medicaid Claims Payment Support Services
Dental Home for Medicaid Eligible Children Under Twenty-one (21) Years of Age
Correct Coding Initiative (CCI)
Cost and Quality Performance Evaluation
National Provider Identifier (NPI)


Additional Resources

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