MCO Onboarding Updates

See below for the managed care organization (MCO) onboarding milestone timeline:

Milestone Target Date
Contract Execution November 30, 2022
Implementation Kick-Off Meeting October 5, 2022
Readiness Review October 20, 2022 - June 2023
Provider Testing with Molina Healthcare February 2023 - June 2023
Assignment of Membership March 2023
Member Warm Hand-Off Process May 25, 2023 - June 20, 2023
Go Live July 1, 2023


Terms Glossary

Contract execution: The contract was executed on November 30, 2022, with an effective date of July 1, 2023.

Implementation kick-off meeting: Held on October 5, 2022. This meeting focused on establishing expectations regarding communication, review processes, and timing of onboarding activities.

Readiness review: 

  • The External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) vendor is developing the methodology to review Molina's systems, policies and procedures, network adequacy, and other areas to determine if Molina is ready to provide services effective July 1, 2023.
  • Timeframe for readiness review: October 20, 2022, through June 21, 2023.

Assignment of membership: ​​​​​​Occurs when a new MCO joins the Medicaid program. The goal of the member reassignment is: 

  • to maintain continuity of care.
  • equitable member distribution to ensure all MCOs have the same membership proportion.

Member warm hand-off process: The purpose of the warm hand-off is to ensure seamless continuity of care and services for members transitioning between MCOs.