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July 2023 Provider Outcomes Delivery Kickoff


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May 2023 MEME Strategic Plan Delivery
December 2022

Integration Services RFI

Iowa Provider Outcomes Solution Contract Awarded to HHS Technology Group

October 2022 Trailblazer Award
September 2022 RFI Response Summary
Released July 2022

Provider Outcomes RFI

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December 2022

The MEME team is pleased to announce the Iowa Department of Human Services selected HHS Technology Group (HTG) to deliver a provider solution initially focused on enrollment and maintenance functionality. This award represents a major step forward in Medicaid’s modernization effort to improve Medicaid outcomes for providers and members. We look forward to launching the delivery effort with HTG in early 2023. 


October 2022

The Iowa Medicaid team is proud to announce that the MEME team received the Trailblazer award from the Digital Benefits Network (DBN) partnered with the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) for the MEME innovative introductory video! We are so excited and proud to work with such a talented and passionate group of individuals. 

Watch the video here

Also, thank you to all the vendors who responded to the Medicaid Enterprise Modernization Effort (MEME) Provider Outcomes RFI! A summary of the responses received is posted above.

As a next step, MEME is engaging with NASPO provider module vendors and will be issuing an integration services RFI to gather additional information.  


August 15-18, 2022

The Iowa MEME Team attended this year’s MESC conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. Key takeaways from the conference based on discussions with CMS and other states include the following:

  • The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) is highly supportive of Iowa’s outcomes-driven strategy
  • Traditional modular approaches to modernization have been challenging for most states
  • Vendors were impressed by Iowa’s initial introductory video and document library
  • Iowa plans to move forward with an innovative approach to achieving Medicaid program outcomes through modernization

The team created an interactive “Game of MES Outcomes” poster for the MESC poster session. Attendees had fun living the modernization journey while striving to certify their prioritized Medicaid module. 


June 6, 2022

The Iowa Department of Human Services is pleased to announce the release of Request for Information (RFI) MED-22-016, to obtain information about Medicaid Enterprise provider outcomes solutions. With this RFI, the Agency has prioritized the following three goals:

  1. Learn about software products available on the market that are best suited to accelerate our ability to achieve the target provider outcomes.
  2. Receive vendor feedback on best practice procurement approaches and payment methodologies for purchasing software and services.
  3. Receive vendor feedback on the Agency’s proposed implementation strategy.

The RFI can be found on the State of Iowa Bid Opportunities website.


May 23, 2022

Iowa Medicaid has recently launched a systems modernization initiative, beginning with solutions targeted at achieving the top business priority: improving the experience for providers and Medicaid staff in provider enrollment, screening, credentialing, and maintenance of provider information. This effort is called the Medicaid Enterprise Modernization Effort (MEME).

As active participants in the efforts of the MEME team related to provider outcomes  we are happy to announce the launch of the MEME webpage. The webpage provides information related to our implementation strategy, vision, outcomes and baseline data.  We invite you to subscribe to the page to continue to receive updates on MEME activities.