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Iowa Medicaid Performance Data can be found here.

Audits and Investigation Process

The Program Integrity (PI) Audits and Investigations Unit performs reviews of claims paid by Iowa Medicaid to ensure services were billed and paid appropriately.  Reviews can originate from external or internal sources, with the majority initiated by internal data studies. 


The review process includes a series of letters with instructions to providers regarding needed actions and next steps.   It is very important for providers to have a correct/current address for correspondence in their provider enrollment file. Failure to follow up on required actions outlined in the letters may result in sanction actions by Iowa Medicaid, which can include suspension of payments and participation with the Medicaid Program.  The most common letters in the review process are:


  • MRR (Medical Records Request) letter – Includes a list of members and the timeframes related to the claims under review.  The letter allows providers 30 days from the date of the letter to respond.  Written requests for time extensions will be considered, with reason. Records must be maintained by providers and submitted for review requests according to IAC 441—79.3(249A) Maintenance of records by providers of service.


  • PROTO (Preliminary Report of Tentative Overpayments) letter – Informs providers of potential overpayments identified in the review.  Providers have 15 days from date of letter to submit a written request for a re-evaluation, with 15 more days to submit additional documentation.


  • FOR (Finding and Order for Recoupment) letter – Informs providers of final review decisions.  Identified overpayments must be paid within 30 days of the date of the letter or additional collection action and sanctions may be enforced.  Outstanding overpayments will result in mandatory suspension from participation with the IA Medicaid Program as outlined in IAC 441 79.2(3)(c)(3).  Providers have 90 days from the date of the findings letter to request an appeal. 


To avoid unnecessary sanctions, providers should read letters in their entirety and follow included instructions. The PI Audits & Investigations Unit will work with providers throughout the review process to help ensure any needed actions are resolved.  Providers may contact PI Audits and Investigations using one of the methods below, or by calling the individual reviewer’s phone number included in the letter:


  • Toll Free: 1-877-446-3787

Credible Allegations of Fraud (CAF)


Provider Enrollment Screenings


Unified Program Integrity Contractor (UPIC)