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The Iowa Refugee Health Program coordinates with local clinics, resettlement agencies, local public health agencies, and community organizations to protect and improve the health and well-being of refugees. The primary goal of the program is to ensure each newly arriving refugee receives a comprehensive health assessment. During the initial refugee health assessment, clinicians identify and address the immediate health needs of refugees, evaluate for diseases of public health significance, treat acute and chronic conditions, establish primary care, and make referrals to specialists when needed. Health assessment data guides the development of public health responses to emerging refugee health issues. The Iowa Refugee Health Program communicates pertinent refugee health related updates to local partners and is responsible for compiling, analyzing, and communicating data obtained from health assessments.

Contact Information:

Jill Schacherer
Refugee Health Coordinator
(515) 322-0037
(515) 281-4570 FAX

Allan Lynch
Program Manager
(515) 281-7504, or

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