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The IDPH website will be undergoing maintenance beginning 8/29/2022 through 10/15/2022.  During this time the flu report will not be posted.  Please subscribe to receive the report by email.  

Influenza (flu) is a contagious illness caused by influenza viruses. Flu primarily affects the respiratory tract (e.g., nose, throat, chest, and lungs). The resources found in these web pages provide information for health professionals and the general public to help reduce the spread of flu in Iowa. The best way to reduce the risk of flu and its possible serious consequences is to get vaccinated for flu every year. See the IDPH influenza vaccine page for more information.

Individual cases of influenza are not reportable in Iowa although the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) does require that cases of novel influenza and influenza outbreaks be reported. As most case of flu are not reported, IDPH relies on voluntary reporting from laboratories, schools, vital records, hospitals, care facilities, and outpatient health clinics to monitor influenza activity in Iowa. Please contact Andy Weigel at andy.weigel@idph.iowa.gov to find out more about becoming a surveillance site. The IDPH influenza program summarizes all of this flu data in regular surveillance reports. Click here to view flu reports.

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