IISN - Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-term care facilities are defined as institutions that provide healthcare to people who are unable to manage independently in the community. This includes nursing homes, inpatient units and other residential facilities that provide chronic care management or shorter-term rehabilitative services.

Influenza can be introduced and spread in a long-term care facility by residents, health care workers, and visitors.

Preventing transmission of influenza within long-term care facilities requires multiple strategies including vaccination, testing, infection control, and use of antiviral medications for prevention and treatment. See the links below for guidance before influenza is circulating and during influenza season or outbreaks.


When to suspect an influenza outbreak in long-term care (LTC) facilities:

If there is one laboratory-confirmed influenza positive case along with other cases of respiratory illness in a unit of a LTC facility, suspect an outbreak and begin monitoring other residents and staff for influenza-like illness. Report suspected influenza outbreaks to local public health or the Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology (CADE) at 800-362-2736. CADE staff will provide more details about outbreak management and testing guidance.

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