Child Care Homes

People who provide childcare in their own homes and who care for five or fewer children are not required by Iowa Code 237A.3 to be registered but have the option to do so.  These people may apply for a Child Care Assistance Provider Agreement with DHS.  This allows non-registered programs to care for children that qualify for public assistance with child care costs.
1.    The Department must complete an unannounced annual inspection once per year to assure compliance with health, safety, and fire standards. 
2.    Child Care Homes serving children eligible for child care assistance must reapply every two years.  Child Care Homes must meet requirements in the following areas (but are not limited to):
  • Number of children allowed in care
  • Health and Safety standards
  • Parental Access
  • Discipline
  • Meals
  • File Maintenance for children
  • Professional Development

Visit the Child Care Provider Portal for additional information.