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Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Medical Cannabis Caregiver Registration

The following information is designed to help Designated Primary Caregivers understand the process of registering in Iowa's medical cannabis program: 

  • Caregivers of Adult Patients
    • All adult patients (>18) will need to complete the adult patient application before a caregiver's application can be approved.
    • When applying online, the adult patient must submit their application first. Upon submission, the patient will receive an email with their application number. This is the number that is required when filling a caregiver application.
    • When applying by paper, the OMC recommends submitting the patient application, caregiver application, completed healthcare practitioner form and other required documents at the same time.
  • Caregivers of Minor Patients
    • The minor must have a completed healthcare practitioner form signed by their healthcare practitioner, but no patient application is required with submission.
    • Payment is not required for minors, but the $25 caregiver application fee still applies.

How to Apply (And Renew):

1.  Ensure your patient has a completed healthcare practitioner form, with you listed as the designated primary caregiver.

2. Complete and submit a caregiver registration application, using the button below:

  • After a patient's healthcare practitioner certification form has been signed by their healthcare practitioner, with the caregiver indicated, caregivers should apply using our online caregiver application by clicking on the blue button below:

Online Caregiver Registration

  1. Completed Primary Caregiver Application
  2. Healthcare Practitioner Certification Form, signed by the patient's doctor with you designated as the primary caregiver.
  3. A copy of your photo ID which can be either:
    • A valid driver's license from Iowa or a state bordering Iowa (NE, MO, IL, WI, MN, SD)
    • A valid non-operator's identification card
  4. Payment of $25
    • Cash, money order or check written out to the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services.

3. Next Steps:

  • The OMC will review your application.
  • If applicants provided an email with their application, they will receive a temporary card via email, and their permanent card will be mailed to the address provided in their application.
  • If no email was provided with the application, patients will receive their permanent card at the address provided with their application.