Information from Iowa Medicaid Enterprise

Informational letters from DHS Iowa Medicaid Enterprise, providing guidance regarding Medicaid programs and Services:


State Assumes Responsibility for Non-Federal Share of Medicaid, effective July 1, 2012

Informational Letter No. 1141 dated June 15, 2012

Service Plan Authorization & Rate Setting

Informational Letter No. 1150 dated June 28, 2012

Central Point of Coordination

Informational Letter No. 1157 dated July 19,2012

Medicaid Participation

Informational Letter No. 1158 dated July 19,2012

Powerpoint Presentations of Webinars:

June 20, 2012:  Medicaid Changes Related to Mental Health & Disability System Redesign

June 28, 2012: Service Plan Authorization and Rate Changes

July 26, 2012: Service Plan Authorization and Rate Changes