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"What should every Iowan reasonably expect from local and state public health?"

Iowa Code Chapter 135A provides the foundation for Public Health Modernization.

Modernizing Public Health in Iowa is a continuation of Redesigning Public Health in Iowa. Redesign focused on the development of Iowa Public Health Standards, and developing a plan to implement those standards. Public Health Modernization has adopted national standards developed by the Public Health Accreditation Board.  In addition to work that encourages the use of standards the Modernization initiative is looking at how Iowa's governmentally sponsored public health system can be most effective, efficient, well-organized, and well-coordinated.  The foundational public health services provide a mechanism to shape the work.  An annual survey of the local governmental public health system occurs to gather data about the system.

2022 Local Public Health System Survey Report

2021 Local Public Health System Survey Report

2020 Local Public Health System Survey Report