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Building the Community 2020: Community Integration Strategic Plan

The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) is re-evaluating existing strategies and identifying new ones to enhance our commitment to ensuring individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to the least restrictive setting to support high quality of life. The Department will work in partnership with the Iowa Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), residents, guardians, community providers and other stakeholders.

The goal of this effort is to take a thoughtful approach to the community integration process, to include all key stakeholders including families and guardians—in the discussion to ensure we are able to assure meaningful options and choice to individuals and their families.

Iowa has a thoughtful Olmstead Plan that identifies outcome goals and objectives to serving individuals with disabilities in the community. This work plan is intended to augment the Olmstead Plan, focusing specifically on persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are currently served by a State Resource Center (SRC) or who could seek admission to a State Resource Center.

This page will serve as a central point for information as the state progresses in implementing Building the Community 2020: Community Integration Strategic Plan. Please check back for updates!

Town Hall Meetings

DHS held Community Integration Town Hall meetings in person and virtually in October and November 2021. Read Informational Letter 2269-MC-FFS for more details.

Community Integration Town Hall Meetings

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Previous Meetings

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