Bureau of Public Health Performance - Accreditation

The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) is the national accrediting body for state, local and tribal public health departments. The department provides technical assistance related to both the PHAB Standards & Measures and the accreditation process.

In addition to providing technical assistance, the department is working to achieve national accreditation. Work on accreditation is being conducted in the spirit of quality improvement.

Key documents necessary for the accreditation process include the:

State Health Assessment

State Health Improvement Plan

Strategic Plan

Workforce Development Plan

Performance Improvement Plan


Version 2022 of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards are the current national standards for health departments seeking national accreditation. The standards align with the Ten Essential Public Health Services as well as the Foundational Public Health Services. It is recommended that Iowa's local health departments use the PHAB standards even if not currently seeking accreditation. Use of the PHAB standards in Iowa will bring more consistency to public health service delivery across our state. Meeting standards or becoming accredited signifies the role public health plays in assuring a healthy Iowa. 

Modernization History

Before national standards were written the Iowa Department of Public Health in collaboration with public health partners identified standards for public health in Iowa.  Previous work health departments had done to meet the Iowa Public Health Standards translates well to the national PHAB standards.

Iowa Public Health Standards

2013 Iowa Public Health Standards 

2011 Iowa Public Health Standards 

2007 Iowa Public Health Standards 


2007 and 2011 Iowa Public Health Standards 

2011 Iowa Public Health Standards and PHAB Version 1.0 

Crosswalk IPHS and PHAB Version 1.5 

Crosswalk on Public Health Accreditation and Retail Program Standards 

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