Most parents assume their infant can hear, “I love you,” Along with all the wonderful sounds that fill a child’s life such as music, crackle of leaves, the whispers of a caring relative or pet noises. However, there are a number of children that cannot hear these sounds. Did you know approximately 95 percent of babies with a hearing loss are born to hearing parents and over 50 percent of babies born with hearing loss have no known risk factors for hearing loss? Of the over 39,000 babies born in Iowa each year, approximately 100 will be diagnosed with a hearing loss shortly after birth. Another 2 to 3 percent will be diagnosed with late onset hearing loss. Due to the development of speech and language in the earliest months of life, follow-up testing is important. If a hearing loss is detected early, much can be done by families with the support of their team to encourage language development.

This page was inspired by parents for parents as a guide to learn more about newborn hearing screening, diagnosis of hearing loss in a child and resources available to help your child and family. No matter where you and your family are in the detection process, you are supported by a whole community working to make sure your child receives the care that is right for them.

There is a while community here to help

State and National Resources

There is a whole community of people passionate about helping those with hearing loss connect to the resources and organizations they need. Below you will find a number of state and national resources available to you.

Disclaimer: The following list of Web links is not exhaustive, but a place to begin for those interested in learning more about early hearing detection and intervention programs, hearing loss, and family support. Each Web site below provides additional resources.


National resources for EHDI