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Regulatory Programs - Permit to Practice

This page reflects the application process for individuals who operate radiation machines or administer radioactive materials. The permit types available are:

  • General Radiologic Technologist
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • Radiation Therapist
  • Radiologist Assistant
  • Limited Radiologic Technologist - chest, extremities, spine, shoulder, pediatrics
  • X-Ray Equipment Operator - Podiatric
  • X-Ray Equipment Operator - Bone Densitometry

If you have questions regarding your need to hold a permit to practice please visit the Permits to Operate Page.


The Iowa HHS Bureau of Radiological Health has finalized rule making changes pertaining to fees for the radiological health programs. The fee adjustments will be in effect September 18, 2019. Please visit the rules to review the changes for your particular license type. The updated rules regarding fees can be found in Chapters 38 and 42 on

Apply or Renew Online


Renew an Existing Permit to Practice

Once you have reviewed the instructions above you may proceed to the Regulatory Programs Licensing Portal.

* Course Start & End Date: Enter the dates the course was taken, NOT the course approval dates.
* Do not add more than one CEU without saving - this will help prevent the system from timing out.
* Choose the biennium date for the current year, not the next biennium.

Apply for a New Permit

Once you have reviewed the instructions above you may proceed to the Regulatory Programs Licensing Portal.

How to add CT Endorsement to your existing Nuclear Medicine permit

Apply for a Limited Radiography Examination

Apply or Renew by Paper

Application for a General Permit

Includes: General Radiologic Technologists, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, and Radiation Therapists.

Application for a Limited Permit

Includes: Chest, Extremity, Spine, Shoulder & Pediatric.

Apply/Renew/Reinstate for a New X-ray Operator/Radiologist Assistant Permit

Add a Classification to an Existing Permit

Apply for Limited Radiography Exam

Verify a Permit:

  • Click HERE for instructions on how to perform a public search using the public portal option.
  • Click HERE for instructions on how login and view or print a license/permit/certificate.
  • Once you have reviewed the instructions above you may proceed to the Regulatory Programs Licensing Portal.

Contact Information:

For questions related to Permit to Practice licensing requirements please see our Program Page.

For assistance navigating the Licensing Portal, please contact the Regulatory Programs Help Desk at 855-824-4357 or email