In the Know: Common Data Reports

This page shares data-related reports and resoures most commonly used by the Bureau of Substance Abuse. Some reports are updated regularly whereas others are one-time reports. Please direction questions and feedback about this specific page to the Department via

Mortality Data (updated every two weeks)

ICD-10 Codes Used for "Involved Deaths" Reports

Alcohol Involved Deaths

All Drugs Involved Deaths

Opioid Involved Deaths

Psychostimulant Involved Deaths

Suicide Deaths: Line Graph

Suicide Deaths: Heatmap

Synthetic Narcotics Involved Deaths

Emergency Department (ED) Admissions

2021 ED Overdose Admissions

2020 ED Overdose Admissions

2019 ED Overdose Admissions

2018 ED Overdose Admissions

Other Data Reports

2020 Untinentional Overdose Deaths

Links to Data Sources and Resources

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

Data, Publications, and Reports (Bureau of Substance Abuse)

Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) - Annual Reports

Iowa Public Health Tracking Portal - Substance Use and Misuse

Iowa Violent Death Reporting System (IAVDRS) - Data Reports

Iowa Youth Survey

Vital Statistics of Iowa Annual Reports

Your Life Iowa

Your Life Iowa Contacts by Topic and County