WIC - Using Benefits

Where Can I Shop?

A WIC vendor is a grocery store or pharmacy that is approved by the state WIC office to accept eWIC cards. All WIC-approved vendors are listed in the "WIC Approved Vendors" document below:

What are the Approved WIC Foods?

All approved foods are listed on the "WIC Approved Foods List" document below:

For tips on how to clean, prepare, and store various fresh fruits and vegetables that you can purchase with your WIC Benefits check out Produce Basics at Iowa State University's Outreach and Extension Spend Smart. Eat Smart. site.

How Do I Let WIC Know if I had a Problem Using my Food Benefits?

The Iowa WIC Program wants to know about any problems you had using your eWIC card. If you have experienced a problem or would like to make a complaint Contact Us now or complete the WIC Comment Card Form (PDF) and mail it to the address on the form.