WIC vendors are an essential part of providing successful services to WIC participants in Iowa. Information found here will assist stores wanting to become an authorized Iowa WIC vendor and those that already are.

If you are interested in becoming an Iowa WIC authorized vendor, call (800) 532-1579 to speak with a WIC Vendor Management Representative.

What is my role as a WIC vendor?

Approved WIC vendors enable WIC participants to redeem their benefits for nutritious foods. 

Become a WIC Vendor

Submitting Products to WIC

Thank you for choosing to submit your product to the Iowa WIC program for consideration. We select foods for addition based on federal regulations, state standards, availability, and cost. Not all food submissions will be approved. Foods currently on Iowa WIC's approved food list do not need to be resubmitted.

WIC Iowa Product Submission Timeline
If Submitted By Date:Considered for Addition On Date:
January 1 - March 31July 1
 April 1 - June 30October 1
July 1 - September 30January 1
October 1 - December 31April 1

WIC Products FAQs