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Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Bureau of Radiological Health

The mission of the Bureau of Radiological Health programs is to protect Iowans from excessive exposure to radiation. Each year, Iowans are exposed to an average of 300 millirem of natural radiation and 60 millirem of manmade radiation. The Bureau functions under legislative mandates found in the Iowa Code, Chapters 136B, C and D.

Program activities include:

  • licensing of facilities using radioactive materials;
  • registration of facilities using radiation-producing machines or operating tanning units;
  • inspection of facilities using radioactive materials;
  • credentialing of persons using radioactive material or operating radiation-emitting machines;
  • approval of training courses and continuing education; and
  • emergency response as it relates to radioactive materials and nuclear power plant incidents.

How to get to the website to print off Iowa Rules

Note: Click here for methods to review rule changes.


The Iowa HHS Bureau of Radiological Health has finalized rule making changes pertaining to fees for the radiological health programs. The fee adjustments will be in effect September 18, 2019. Please visit the rules to review the changes for your particular license type. The updated rules regarding fees can be found in Chapters 38 and 42 above.***

Iowa Administrative Code updates the use of gonadal shielding:

The Bureau of Radiological Health has recently amended rules specific to requirements related to technique chart content and shielding of the reproductive organs (gonads) during diagnostic abdominal imaging. These changes are effective July 21, 2021 and can be reviewed in Chapter 41. We are providing the following fact sheets for diagnostic radiology and dental applications as further guidance.

Dental Radiology Fact SheetPDF

Diagnostic Radiology Fact SheetPDF