Child Protective Services aims to ensure the children in Iowa are safe and families have the supports in place to keep their children safely at home when possible.

We understand that children don't just need families, children need their families. The goal when working with families is a families first philosophy which is a commitment to strengthening and preserving connections.  Research shows that positive connections create positive outcomes and we want to make sure youth have a positive connection with at least one caring adult they can call on their worst days.

Child Protective Services are primarily initiated through the Iowa Child Abuse Reporting phone line (intake) where they are reviewed to see if the case meets abuse and neglect criteria. Accepted abuse and neglect reports are assessed to understand what caused the report to come in and decide if the report meets criteria, does not, or if other supports can be put in place for the family. If a child is not able to stay with their parents or legal guardian, we work to connect them with kin or fictive kin prior to placing them in a foster home. The programs used to support families as they meet their goals are called Family Centered Services (FCS). 

This work also involves a team of people who help develop policies to make sure the work is constantly changing to keep up with the needs of the people we serve. 


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