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Iowa HHS is committed to reducing illicit and prescription opioid misuse in Iowa. Keeping our communities safe and preventing the deaths of Iowans who use opioids (or come into contact with them) takes a statewide effort. HHS has two community-based naloxone distribution initiatives that provide free opioid overdose reversal nasal spray to ensure communities are prepared for timely response to overdose events. The two medications available for distribution are Kloxxado® and NARCAN®.

Secondary Distribution Initiative (Kloxxado® )

Kloxxado® is a prescribed medication. As a result, only the following entities (known as Secondary Distributors) are eligible to distribute this medication:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Fire Departments
  • School Districts
  • Health Care Providers
  • Licensed Behavioral Health Providers
  • County Health Departments
  • Department of Health and Human Services

NARCAN® Distribution Initiative

NARCAN® is an over-the-counter medication. As a result, this medication can be distributed by Secondary Distributors (identified above), in addition to the entities listed below.

  • Community Based Organization
  • Any agency or business determined by the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services to be a viable distributor of NARCAN based on the unique services they provide

To clarify, Secondary Distributors can apply to become distributors of Kloxxado® and NARCAN®. The entities listed under the NARCAN® Initiative are only eligible to apply to become distributors of NARCAN® and are not eligible to become distributors of Kloxxado®.