As a newly aligned Health and Human Services agency, we must reimagine our Strategic Plan and framework to create space for fresh perspective, ideas and innovative approaches to delivering programs and services in Iowa. We now have a unique opportunity, offering us the chance to explore the work in new ways.

How Was the Strategic Plan Developed?

Early 2023

HHS executive team collaborated to understand each other's work. Leaders shared observations, successes and challenges from their #TeamHHS teams.

Spring 2023

Leadership within each division completed a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis.

Spring 2023

HHS leadership surveyed to identify needs across the agency.

Summer 2023

HHS executive team analyzed the survey results from the #TeamHHS all staff employee engagement survey. What emerged was a need to focus on core operations so our teams can do their work to support the Iowans who rely on HHS.

HHS Strategic Priorities

Major things we want to influence over the next three years.