I-Smile connects children and pregnant women living in Iowa with dental, medical, and community resources for a lifetime of health and wellness.

I-Smile is the oral health component of the statewide Maternal Health and Child and Adolescent Health programs, managed by Iowa HHS. There are 15 I-Smile Coordinators around the state who are responsible for working with children and families; dentists and dental office staff; medical providers; school nurses, teachers and administrators; businesses; civic organizations; and social service organizations. The coordinators work for county health departments or private, non-profit organizations to administer I-Smile in all 99 Iowa counties.

I-Smile and Iowa Communities

  • Dental hygienists with I-Smile provide dental screenings, apply fluoride, and provide education for children at WIC clinics, Head Start centers, preschools, child care sites, and in schools.
  • I-Smile helps coordinate dental appointments by letting parents know which dentists will see their children, helping find payment sources for dental care, and setting up transportation.
  • I-Smile Coordinators promote the importance of oral health by participating in community events, such as library reading hours, health fairs, and county fairs.