In 2003, the Iowa Dental Board approved a rule change allowing "public health supervision" of a dental hygienist. Then in 2015, the Iowa Dental Board approved a rule change allowing β€œpublic health supervision" of a dental assistant.

To work in public health settings, dental hygienists and assistants may enter into a collaborative agreement with a dentist. The agreement allows the hygienist or assistant to provide services to people prior to the person seeing a dentist for an exam. 

The Oral Health program at Iowa HHS collects copies of the agreements on behalf of the Iowa Dental Board. The Oral Health program is also responsible for collecting data for annual reports about the services provided each year. For more information, visit the Iowa Dental Board.

Public Health Supervision Agreement Templates 

Annual Reporting Requirements

Iowa-licensed dental hygienists and assistants who have agreements with dentists for public health supervision are required to report on the services provided each year. Iowa HHS will provide the reporting format at the end of each calendar year for all hygienists with public health supervision agreements. The reporting template(s) will be shared using email.