• This program is supported by federal and state funds.
  • This program includes addressing specific public health questions arising from exposure to chemicals and toxic substances.
  • Some of the questions addressed have included questions on exposure to: air, water, and soil pollution, chemicals in drinking water, chemicals in food, chemicals in plastics, pesticides and fertilizers, and chemicals in manufactured products.
  • This program assists many other state environmental and health agencies including the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, the University Hygienic Laboratory, and the Iowa Poison Control Center.
  • Many physicians and health care providers ask for assistance in diagnosing and treating patients who may have been exposure to large concentrations of toxic substances.

Toxicology Manual

Many questions and concerns exist regarding exposure to chemicals found within the environment and in the products that we use every day. The State of Iowa Toxicology Program has developed a Toxicology Manual that includes fact sheets on common chemicals and substances. Below is a link to general information on the properties, uses, exposure, and health effects from exposure to chemicals. Also included are internet links to further information on the chemicals and substances. The Toxicology Manual will be periodically updated with information on additional chemicals and substances.

  • Iowa HHS Toxicology Manual

Fish Consumption Health Issues

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You can also visit the following web page: www.toxicology.org