Enforcement Actions

Enforcement actions may include, but are not limited to, denial, probation, suspension or revocation of a permit, directed corrective action, and civil penalty. Read the entire rule below.

Maintaining a Permit at Your Place of Employment

42.21(4) - The permit holder shall make the permit available at the individual’s place of employment. If the permit holder works at more than one facility, a duplicate of the permit shall be kept at each facility.

Name Changes

Permit holders may request a name change by submitting the form below.

Reinstating an Expired Permit

An individual reinstating an expired permit shall submit the following:

  • A new permit application and nonrefundable $60 application fee. If the permit is expired 6 months or more, all previous exemptions from this chapter are no longer valid and the individual is subject to all requirements of Chapter 42. (Grandfathered individuals will have to meet all of the current requirements.)
  • Any continuing education hours due at the time of renewal. If the permit is expired more than one year past the expiration date, continuing education obtained within the previous 24 months must be submitted for the following:
    • General radiologic technologist: 24.0 hours
    • Nuclear medicine technologist: 24.0 hours
    • Limited nuclear medicine technologist: 12.0 hours
    • Radiation therapist: 24.0 hours
    • Radiologist assistant: 50.0 hours
    • Limited radiologic technologist: 12.0 hours
    • X-ray equipment operator in podiatric radiography or bone densitometry: 4.0 hours
  • Proof that all stipulations of any order(s) of disciplinary or enforcement action have been satisfied.

Returned Check Fees

42.21(1) - A nonrefundable $25 fee shall be assessed for each check returned for any reason. All fees for returned checks plus original fees must be paid by certified bank check or money order.

Rules of Conduct and Self-Reporting Requirements

Read the entire rule below.