On July 1, 2022, House File 2412 was enacted which requires radon testing and mitigation in public schools and radon resistant construction techniques bused for all new construction. The act adds a new section, 280.32 Radon testing and mitigation, to Iowa Code 280, Uniform School Requirements, which is administered by the Iowa Department of Education. 

The act requires that:

  • The board of directors of each public school district must establish a radon plan and schedule for testing.
  • Each attendance center in a school district must be tested for radon at least once by July 1, 2027, and at least once every 5 years thereafter.
  • Test results must be posted on the districts internet site in a timely manner.
  • Testing must be done by an Iowa certified Radon Measurement Specialist or by school district staff that have completed an approved training program.
  • Testing shall be based on recognized national standards that outline school radon testing practices.
  • If the results of a short-term test are at or above four picocuries per liter, a second short-term test shall be conducted in the spaces with elevated results within sixty days of the first test.
  • If testing indicates radon levels above 4 pCi/L the district shall employ an Iowa credentialed Radon Mitigation Specialist to develop a radon mitigation plan that may include further diagnostic testing, corrective measures, and active mitigation. Th mitigation plan must be completed within two years of the first test. 
  • All new school construction shall incorporate radon resistant construction techniques (RRNC).

Click the link below to review the complete bill.

The below links are to the recognized national consensus standards for radon measurement, mitigation and radon resistant new construction techniques for schools published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Association of Radon Scientists & Technologists (AARST), standards.aarst.org:

For more information or questions about school testing requirements please visit the Iowa Department of Education - School Facilities - Radon in Schools website:

The Iowa HHS Child Care Providers Licensure and Registration program recently updated Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 441—109, Section 441—109.11(7) regarding radon testing requirements for licensed centers that operate in a public school building. Below are links to Comm. 204 and Chapter 441—109;

For additional information on radon in schools please visit the US EPA's Radon In Schools Website; www.epa.gov/radon/radon-schools

Radon Measurement Training for School District Employees

For District Employees

HF2412 requires that school district staff that perform radon testing must complete an approved training program. Below is a link to a list of currently approved training courses:

For Training Providers

Below is a link to the application for approval of a radon measurement training course for Iowa school district employee radon. The application contains an explanation of the content of a training course and the required information and materials that must be submitted with the application form.